March 14th, 2003

thinking, perplexed


There were three things that I was puzzling over the other day. I have forgotten two, but if I think of them, I'll post them here too. But I remember the third, and I'm hoping someone can explain.

It's my understanding that Judaism has some strict requirement on how long can pass between death and burial, and that the time period is relatively short.

Now, typically, when someone dies in the coldest months of the year here, they're put into storage until the spring thaw, because they can't be buried in the frozen ground.

So obviously waiting months doesn't work for Jews, if my understanding is correct. But what does happen when a Jewish person dies while the ground is frozen?

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Beautiful bodypainting

The following links contain artistic nudity.

Thumbnail excerpt of Rudi Everts's femaleAriesRudi Everts is a bodypainter and photographer in Australia who has done an absolutely stunning series of photographs of bodies painted with the signs of the Zodiac. These twenty-four photos -- twelve signs on men and twelve on women -- is easily the best bodypainting I have ever seen, and the quality of the photography matches the quality of the painting.

I find the signs painted on women to have produced better results than those on the men -- the men don't get to be much more than canvases, but Everts' use of the contours of her female models often makes it even less obvious that you're looking at a person.