April 5th, 2003



So having recently "met" the lovely and intriguing ardently after seeing her posts to found_objects, I decided to browse through the list of LJ users in Ottawa to see what other interest people might be lurking about. While doing so, I found the record_runner community (which is not to be confused with the recordrunner user!), which is about/from the local independent record store, Record Runner.

I managed to get myself down to their store today, and I'm a happy camper. Of course, everyone else in Ottawa probably already knows about this place, but I didn't until now, and I've been passively looking for a decent indie record shop. (CD Warehouse is OK, but they're a bit mainstream for me.) So yay, happy me, new place to shop. They've got a great selection and cool staff who look like they'd be good at giving recommendations, which comes in handy compared to blank stares at HMV.

I picked up Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary, which I've been meaning to get for ages (T substitute NOT EMO) for $10 (!), and Sigur Ros' () for $15, so they've got pretty good prices to go along with their selection. (Fans of non-mainstream music reading this will also note that they also have an online store.

This all reminds me that I really need to start getting out to shows here more often.

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