May 7th, 2003


ottawa indie vibe

I was down at the record_runner to pick up the special edition of Sahara Hotnights' Jenny Bomb (on zebulon_y's well-considered recommendation), and at the counter picked up "Ottawa.Indie.Vibe", a free CD put together by the Rideau business district association. I had picked up a couple more CDs, so the free one sat around unwrapped for a few days, but I've just popped it in, and whee! it's great. I really need to learn more about the local music scene. I wish the CD were a little more band-heavy and a little less about individual musicians, but there is still kicking in progress here.

If you're around here, grab a copy for free at Record Runner.

Contents, for the record: Charley Beck, Steve Gardiner, Breanne Lawrenson, Graham Young, Pat Moore, Lori Jean, Dianisis, Amanda Rheaume, Susan O, Mitch Gauzas, Kristin McCaig, Marlene Macdonald, Gordon Gartrell, Rude Boy, Forbidden Dream.

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pinkie pie


Streamripper is a handy little program that connects to a Shoutcast server, and writes the mp3s it receives to disk for you to listen to later.

And names them correctly, and sets their id3 tags.

And rebroadcasts the stream locally so you can listen to it while you record.

Did I mention it runs in Unix, Windows (standalone, or as a Winamp plugin!), OS X and BeOS, and that it's open-source?

Boy, it's a good thing disk is cheap.

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