June 8th, 2003

pinkie pie

I met nyxie

So nyxie and I agreed about a week ago we should meet at this really nice dessert café called "Oh So Good" to have nummy cake and coffee and a chat. Since she works nights and I works normal hours, the weekend was really the only time we could do this.

I spent the day down in the market, and since it can take anywhere from five to twenty-five minutes to find parking on Elgin St., I head over a bit early. I figure I can wander around and look and see what's changed since I worked in the area a year ago. However, it starts to rain, so I think... hmm, get out of the rain where it's not crowded... oh, that Second Cup is not crowded, lets go!

I go inside and get a coffee, figuring it will take me about 20-ish minutes to drink and then I can be on my way to Oh So Good in the building next door. I'm putting milk in my coffee and notice a vaguely familiar looking girl. I think... 'oh no, no way is she here too to kill time, that would be WAYYYYYYY too ironic. No, not her.' I then look over at him from the milk stand and notice her t-shirt, a LiveJournal which she'd mentioned she would wear when we talked recently on IRC. Ok, that's just too ironic. I asked, "Are you Nyxie?" She laughed, and grinned at me and explained what had happened when I came in, how she figured it HAD to be me from the shoes. So we sat at The Second Cup with our coffees for a while, chatted, had a bit of a laugh over the fact that we both ended up here early and both choose to kill time in the same manner. Heh.

Anyhow, we headed over to Oh So Good at about 9 and sat and chatted for about 2.5 hours. Part of that was because it was mega crowded there. There used to be two locations of Oh So Good in Ottawa, but one just closed down (I guess they're reopening it soon on another nearby street) so a lot of the business ended up at the location we were at. So service was very slow, but understandably so! Poor servers. But anyhow, I think the other reason we stayed so long is we were both having fun chatting about random stuff. Or at least, I was, I can't speak for Nyxie. ;) We talked about LJ support and IRC, of course, since that's how we know each other, but we chatted about other randomness too. Like playing bass, and music, and books to be read, and things we do in our spare time, and careers, yadda yadda... yeah. Lots of stuff.

Since I mentioned we were going for caaaaake, I should probably say what I had. ;) I had the Oh So Good zuccotto, which is one of their signature cakes. Soooooo good. Chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolate mousse and whipped cream... divine.

We have plans to hang out in the future. She's a newbie bass player, and could use some help, and I offered to teach her a bit. ;) And she owes me Oh So Good for some other evening, because I am EFIL. But annnnnnyway. T'was fun. I like meeting new people, as long as they aren't axe murders or something.

I gave her a ride home and we got lost along the way, because I was trying to follow her directions. :) On the way, Petro called with some info about the new server install, but the conversation terminated in "Is she cute?" "Yeah, very." "I'll call you tomorrow". This may or may not get me in trouble.

Here's a picture we took at the end of the evening. Or, rather, she took it by holding the camera away and hoping we'd both be in the viewfinder. She usually doesn't look quite so goofy. ;)

I feel an episode of déjà écrit coming on.

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