November 7th, 2003


Strokes, copy protection, AMG

I picked up the new Strokes CD, Room on Fire, yesterday. I won't bother reviewing the album here because everyone and their dog has; it's basically the continuation of This is It inexplicably delayed by two years. It's a great album, but it's not a historical album at all; just another bunch of tunes like the first bunch.

This combined with the Strokes' propensity to release very short albums got me thinking, and I did a bit of math, and I have concluded that both Is This It and Room On Fire can fit on one CD (1:08 total). They sound similar enough to be one CD, and when I bring Room On Fire back up from the car, they will be one CD, dammit.

The Strokes are a great band, but I don't get the mythology, and I don't get why it took three years and two discs to release one CD worth of material.

In related news, I also picked up Van Morrison's new album, What's Wrong With This Picture?. It's a good album if you like Van Morrison, although it's pretty obvious that both he and his fanbase have mellowed out a bit since Moondance. The interesting part is this: The Van Morrison album was copy-protected (although cdparanoia ripped it without any complaints at all), and the Strokes album was not. Something seems amiss here.

ObPetPeeve: Why does All Music Guide make it so difficult to link to specific albums? All of their links are Javascript. For your reference, the way to link to specific albums is to take the argument passed to the javascript and pass it in as the 'sql' parameter to amg.dll -- if you have

then you will link to
The 'p' argument is required. I'll never understand why a site that presumably makes money off of people reading their reviews and then buying the CD through their referral links does not want people deep-linking, though.
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