November 16th, 2003


Phone Post: Voice over IP over voice to voice to voice over IP over IP.

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“OK, so I had to do this once.

Now Mitel, who I work for, are in the corporate voice over IP business, so I have a teleworker set at home. I've posted about it before, I'll follow up with a comment later so you can read about it there.

So what you're hearing right now is me going from my phone So this call you're hearing is going from my phone to my DSL gateway, and that over a data connection over my phone line, and over the Internet to the office, then it goes over the phone system again to Buffalo, then over the Internet to Seattle, and as far as I know I just picked up a phone and dialed a phone number. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the middle part in the phone system converted to and from data either. The important part here is that I don't have to know.

I wish I had a dial-out for Boston; I know we've got an office there but I can't remember how to route the call and I'm not going to bother the switchboard on a Sunday night for this thing. But they've got the gear there, so if I remembered the right access code I could originate my call from there and it wouldn't even be long distance, I'd just be picking up my phone, which is a Boston phone even though it's in Ottawa and making a local call and having it just work.

This is pretty neat, because this is how the world is going to change to voice over IP, it's not going to be something big where you install software and the phone system just goes away, it'll just quietly work in the background, while everyone thinks they're using phones, and then one day it'll be more useful to have a data connection at home than a voice connection, and we'll be there.”

Transcribed by: mendel
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