November 24th, 2003

pinkie pie

Ancient history

My past haunts me!

I got my LiveJournal in March 2002. As you can see there, my first few posts weren't exactly in my current style; truth be told I really didn't think I'd write much at all here. stimps gave me a LiveJournal code that I was sure I was going to use to maintain a friends list, and I ended up posting rarely anyhow. April has even fewer posts.

Looking back to then and reading what I wrote amuses me, but then I remembered -- before LiveJournal, I had a journal on Use Perl, which aside from being a website about Perl is also Chris "Pudge" Nandor's test platform for Slash, the code that powers Slashdot. He encouraged everyone on #perl to get a journal just to get people testing a new feature.

I found my old journal there and was sufficiently amused by the two days' worth of posts that were there that I have reposted them, backdated, here. You can see them here.

I apologize in advance.

(Also, while researching this, I found the journals here of a couple of guys from the Horde Project that I used to work on. Neat.)

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pinkie pie

Brain usage meme

Found this one perusing jon's journal. He's one of the Horde guys I mentioned in my last post.
Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory: 60%
Visual: 40%
Left: 78%
Right: 21%

Your results indicate a strong left-hemisphere dominance with a mild preference for auditory processing. This blend would suggest that you are an extremely efficient person, logical perhaps to an extreme. You tend to structure your life and learning in very precise ways.

You benefit from experience, seek the rational in situations and feel most comfortable with routine.

You are a detail person. You see each piece of a puzzle or situation with equal clarity and value, and thrive on your ability to fit each piece into a unifying structure.

Your learning style tends toward the auditory, which suggests that you process inputs sequentially and classify each before moving on to the next. You do, however, possess sufficient visualization skills and interest to supplement the auditory tendency and render you more active than a person who is purely auditory.

In all likelihood you will be somewhat reserved in appreciating your own talents and understate your abilities even to yourself. You will organize your time and set schedules for yourself and, in that sense, lose sight of spontaneity and other needs - both of yourself and others. Your enviable organization, structure, and efficiency make you a valuable asset to a team effort.

I'm pretty impressed by its accuracy, even keeping in mind the generality of the points it brings up. The quiz is pretty neat, too, with all of the questions being pretty abstract measurements.

You can take it here.

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