December 6th, 2003


Yesterday kicked ass. (Hot Hot Heat!)

I am SO TIRED today, because yesterday was an incredibly intense day.

First, I had a meeting with my new manager at work to clarify responsibilities and so forth. There have been a lot of moves in the last few months, through a couple of rounds of layoffs; after the last layoff, the NSSG Operations Team was comprised of only me. I'm now firmly in IT, sort of straddling Network and Server, and we clarified how that straddling will work out. There are still details to be cleared up, but it's improved my outlook on things a lot.

Then I found out that nyxie had passed the big practical exam that she (and thus I) was really worried about. She mentioned that here.

Hot Hot Heat liveAnd lastly -- and the biggest contributor to my tiredness today -- we went to see Hot Hot Heat play at the Capital Music Hall downtown. Wow! What a great show. Collapse )

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    Hot Hot Heat -- Make Up The Breakdown