January 26th, 2004

pinkie pie

anonymous public email via rss

Dodgeit provides anonymous, unauthenticated (and thus public) mailboxes for you to use for things that ask for email addresses, but which you don't want to give your own address to, provided that you don't mind the possibility of the rest of the world reading that message.

Just in case something useful arrives back at that address, you can read it on the web -- or, better yet, you can subscribe your aggregator to the RSS feed associated with the mailbox, and see new mail arrive whenever you catch up on your feeds.

It also makes a decent voyeur pastime -- just guess a name and read.

I wouldn't recommend using it for your DynDNS account though.

(Mailinator did this first, but their interface is overloaded with things that are not mail (why are there photos of people taking up so much room?), and they do not offer RSS reading of mail, which is the killer feature of this sort of thing for me.)