February 10th, 2004


hurr raidzone

Today: Reiserfs craps out on fileserver trying to free previously freed objects, and kupdated tries to deref a null pointer and oopses. Userland stops, but instead of halting, kernel continues to run other threads, including nfsd, which was apparently completely unaware that anything was amiss.

Writing to a filesystem which has already given up for the day should probably be considered harmful, I think.

Someone somewhere probably thinks that continuing to run after an oops in kupdated is a feature.

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rusty anchors

Some of my recent del.icio.us bookmarks:</b>
    shovelglove — sledgehammer + sweater = easy exercise at home</i>
    No S Diet — more a philosophy of food than a diet -- nyxie and I are trying this now</i>
    whiteboard walls — How to make a whiteboard out of an entire wall (or room!)</i>
    touchyfeely — Kirsten Johnson's oil portraits of sock puppets emoting</i>
    The Skeptic's Dictionary
    fabprefab — the home of modernist prefab dwellings. I want most of these.</i>
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lazyweb ACTIVATE

I recall once encountering a website which acted as a repository of usernames and passwords for websites that require registration such as newspapers. I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone remember where it is?

I don't mean majcher's NYT registration generator, and I'm not looking for any specific website's username and password, just for this one site that acted as a registration clearinghouse.

Because "website" and "registration" and "username" and "password" and "database" aren't very unique search terms, Google is giving me nothing but web development tutorials.

Help, lazyweb, help!

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