August 12th, 2004

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New apartment!

Picture of new buildingLast night I signed the lease on our new apartment!

nyxie and I have grown a little tired of our current digs, and wanted to find a place that was ours, so I gave my two months' notice here at the end of July. The place we found was only the second one we looked at, but we noticed the building a long time ago, and sort of figured that we might end up there.

The complex is Island Park Towers, on Clearview a short ways away from the intersection of Island Park and the Ottawa River Parkway. It's a biggish (~970 square foot) two-bedroom corner unit on the fifth floor of a 27-storey building, facing west and north, with hardwood floors, big windows, and central air. When I account for hydro (which is in the rent there but not where we are now), the apartment ends up the same price as I've been paying here for the last three years.

You can see the floor plan here, and a picture of the building here.

Odd thing: Instead of a laundry room, the building has one washer and dryer for every two floors of the building. We're on an "off" floor, so we go up or down one floor to do laundry. I'm sure it works out OK, especially since the machines are available 24/7 instead of the 8-10 M-F/8-8 S-S plan here, but it's odd.

Aside from being a really neat apartment and being nyxie and my first place together, the great part about this place is its location. Since it's right at the Parkway, my commute to Kanata will only be about ten minutes longer and I still won't hit significant traffic either way; nyxie's bus ride to school is just two more stops on the Transitway further than it is now, leaving from Westboro rather than Lincoln Fields.

We're both so excited to be moving to Westboro. It's one of our favorite neighbourhoods, and although we're right at the north edge, it's still a really short walk to the Westboro Village shops along Richmond (and our favorite local fair-trade coffeehouse, Bridgehead!), and the paths and parkland of the Ottawa River Parkway is a five-minute walk from our door. The aerial view of the complex shows how much woodland remains around it (although there's been one five-unit condo development to the northwest on the left side of the picture). I was a bit early to sign the lease on Wednesday and strolled around the neighbourhood a bit, and found out that those woods are crisscrossed with paths. I really miss being able to stroll around in the woods on Mount Royal—I bet having all that greenspace at my front door will help. Two of the three times we've been there there have been rabbits hopping around the property.

We move in on October 1st. I'm considering getting movers to do the dirty work; I've taken the week before off, and we can get the keys a week early, so we'd be able to book movers for the 26th or 27th and not fight the weekend rush, but nyxie would be at school that day, and there aren't a lot of people around here I'd be comfortable enlisting to help me move on a weekday. Two months of purging and packing will be plenty as long as we don't put it off, though. Recommendations for local movers are appreciated!

(Certain of my anonymous readers will be amused to note that this means I'm going to have to start selling off some old kit I don't want to move on Joy. Maybe I'll post anything I want to get rid of here first.)

Yay, apartment! This place is going to be so great.

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