September 9th, 2004


Chapters/Indigo usecrime

Chapters/Indigo's online bookstore lets you check availability in stores near you. Here's the interface they offer you:

Chapters location chooser

Usecrimes to note:

  • Four-line window scrolls through 130 cities in all provinces
  • Have to ctrl-click to select multiple, but can't see if you've unselected the ones you selected already without scrolling back to them
  • "Cities" are divided into municipalities instead of regions the way people think of them (so to see local Chapters I have to choose Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans, Nepean, and Gloucester — someone in Toronto would probably have to choose about thirty entries)
  • Mysteriously limited to three cities (even though one "city" takes a half-dozen selections), and once you choose, it stores your choice in a session cookie so you have to restart your browser to choose again
Not bad for four square inches or so. There's no way someone at Chapters actually used this to see if a book was available before rolling it out; they just made sure they could click on it and get a result.

There's a Chapters between here and work and I still do most of my book shopping at Amazon. I wonder why?

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