October 8th, 2004


Wireless intarweb

I am amused by the "Recommended Accessories" at the bottom right of this Future Shop catalog entry.

Incidentally, I'm just starting to plan an 802.11g network at home, which will involve a couple of desktop PCs and a laptop all running Linux and occasionally running Windows. It seems to me that the SMC 2802W (PCI) and SMC 2835W (Cardbus) are good bets, although no matter what I do I'll have to move to a 2.6 kernel. I'm also debating whether the laptop (old Thinkpad 570E) should speak 802.11g or just 802.11b; it's sort of a secondary machine to be used when one of us want to lounge on the sofa or balcony or bed or Bridgehead or the Elgin Street Diner instead of sitting at our desks. Thoughts?

Lastly, I welcome recommendations for a broadband router/AP. I don't think I want to futz with a Linux-based AP, because the box that I'd run it on is stuck with a 2.4 kernel for the foreseeable future. It needs to speak PPPOE on the WAN side and 802.11g on the AP side and have a couple of LAN ports, although I suppose I have an extra switch lying around if it's only got one LAN port.

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