October 17th, 2004

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CBC Radio streaming Ogg Vorbis

I was pleased to notice a moment ago that the CBC is now making its radio streams available in Ogg Vorbis format:

Radio OneRadio Two

Both streams are from Toronto, so the schedule is in Eastern time. They invite listeners to contact CBC Audience Relations with any suggestions or comments. I've dropped them a line noting that I appreciate having the Ogg feeds around; if you find them up your alley I'd encourage you to do the same.

On the subject of CBC and Internet radio, you might also like CBC Radio 3, the CBC's flash-based Internet-only stream of Canadian indie music.

Also nice: for those not using their Ogg streams (or if the Ogg streams are not working, which seems to be the case for Radio 2 at this moment), they note on their main streaming page that they test their standard (Windows Media) streams in mplayer to make sure that they're accessible from Unix. Nice.

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Computer desks for sale

nyxie and I are using real desks now that we have the room, so I've managed to end up with three two Ikea computer tables for sale. I figured I should mention them here before braving the hell that is ott.forsale.*. Both of them are in good condition, and both were used regularly for six months to a year.

Mikael Set
Mikael Set
was $59 new
asking $30
was $189 new
asking $100

None of these is really shippable, so this is targeted at local folks. I can probably give you a hand getting it wherever you are. Let me know if you're interested!