October 23rd, 2005


Help me understand my coffee grinder

I bought a burr coffee grinder today. It's not a conical burr, so it's sort of entry-level. It seems to grind coffee consistently even though you can't quite get a powdery espresso grind out of it, although part of the problem might be that I'm grinding some older beans that we froze a while ago (fresh) and thawed.

I'm a bit confused by the controls on it, though, and the manual really confuses me, so I'm hoping one of you with a burr grinder can help me. The bean hopper rotates to set grind from fine to coarse (this I understand), and there's a timer on the front. It's the timer that's stumping me. Obviously there's meant to be some sort of time->quantity function going on but I can't make out what it is. I just tested it on fine grind and it made about seven scoops of coffee in about 20 seconds, but here are the tables and instructions in the manual: Collapse )

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