December 5th, 2005

pinkie pie

These are not the pants you think they are

Someone's not proofreading. Also, these pants are a pain to iron.

Lightweight cotton blend; 63% nylon, 37% polyester.

(Also annoying: I have to use User Agent Switcher to claim to be IE when I use Firefox in Linux to go to, otherwise it complains and tells me that on a PC I should use Firefox 1.0 or greater. Nice failure mode.)
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Beginner's scotch

Scotch drinkers: What's a decent, inexpensive and readily available single malt or good blend for a brand-new scotch drinker whose current dram of choice is a good dark sipping rum?

I don't want something pretending to be bourbon, but I don't want to overwhelm with iodine and peat either. Probably some sort of Speyside or Lowland, I guess. My own tastes head toward the spicy and peaty and I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between a good mellow scotch and a boring one.

The intended recipient tried the Glenlivet after he'd had a lot of other things and was surprised by the strength but otherwise seemed to enjoy it and was interested in trying other Scotches. I could just get another bottle of Glenlivet, but it's a bit ordinary and generally-available, and besides, he's already tried that.

Also, any suggestions on how to safely mail/ship a bottle of Scotch are welcome too.

(I also asked metafilter, if you want to see some other feedback on this one.)
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