July 21st, 2006


arr num num num

(Wedding/Paris updates coming soon, I promise! I've been busy at the Ottawa Linux Symposium this week.)

While I was gone, work replaced our old employee ID cards (magstripe for access control, visual ID at the front desk) with proximity cards and front-door turnstiles, since another company is going to be sharing some building space with us. That's fine (and maybe even "better", because the visual-ID thing never really sat right with me), but today the security folks sent mail to all staff talking about the new system, and included a list of how to treat the new ID badges. Highlights:
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not use as an ice scraper or scraping tool
  • Do not pound with a pen or other tool
  • Do not bite
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HOLY SHIT I'M MARRIED: the long version!

So yeah, that wedding thing. I got married! It's crazy. I have a ring and a cute wife now. Crazy!

First, the executive summary: Everything went wonderfully. It was sunny and bright with a few clouds -- a bit warm, but nearly everything was inside, so that was fine. But everything just worked. All of our vendors went beyond what was expected, all of our guests had a blast (as far as I know!), and the day basically unfolded without a hitch.

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(Also, we received our DVD of wedding photos from the photographer early this week. I'm going to be uploading the watermarked preview pictures to my Flickr account shortly, once I upgrade it to a paid account and find a good way to automate uploading hundreds of pictures. I'll post to my journal when they're uploaded, and when the 200 pictures of Paris are up there too.)

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