October 21st, 2006


it's the best kind

From tonight's ground turkey, both disturbing and promising all at once:

Soon it will become turk-cos.

Also, yesterday I bought jeans that were a 34 instead of a 36 waist. To celebrate this I am being a dork and posting to styleforum's What Are You Wearing Now thread, which is also sort of a styleforum rite of passage. It's a bit of a crappy picture, but oh well.
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pinkie pie

Technically there are no pedants behind you.

Pet peeve time. This is a button-down, because the collar buttons down:

This, despite having buttons down the front, is not a button-down:

I know I've already lost this one — and I'd go so far as to say that "button-down" simply means something else to your average under-30 — but it's a useful distinction and I'm not letting go.

(And if you're about to say "Fine, what should we call them?": Both are dress shirts, one with a button-down collar and one with a point collar. You can probably even call the second one just a "dress shirt" or even just a "shirt" if you're not in company that means "t-shirt" when they say "shirt". The ones that aren't dress shirts but which still have buttons down the front are sport shirts, with a similar etymology to "sports jacket".)