February 9th, 2007

pinkie pie

I've moved!

I'm now posting primarily to my new blog Rich Text on my own website.

Posts there will still appear here, so you can continue reading me on your friends list. If you read me via a feed reader, though, you might prefer to read the  Rich Text feed directly.

I'm hoping to set up a Feedburner feed of my blog, del.icio.us links, and flickr photos soon too.

The main reason for moving was that I was tired of my old website, which was dated in design when it was brand-new but which was especially dated in content. And it's dated in content because the way I put stuff on the web these days is blogging! So since the URL "http://www.lafferty.ca/" is more me than "http://mendel.livejournal.com/" is, I decided to make that my primary spot.

I was going to just embed my LiveJournal there, but I sort of realized that I'd have more fun playing around with Wordpress. So Wordpress it was, along with a whole bunch of plugins. Once things have settled down, I'll post a list of all of the things I ended up using.

Anyhow, my posts will keep on showing up here, although for now I'm linking over to the comments pile on Rich Text instead. You'll be able to see an up-to-date comment count when you read my posts here, though, so there won't be any need to click over just in case. I hope to support OpenID over there shortly, too, so you'll be able to comment with your LiveJournal identity.

(I still think LiveJournal's great, by the way, and I'm still reading my friends page and so on -- I just don't use any features here other than posts and friends lists, and I wanted something I can hack on directly.)