February 28th, 2007

pinkie pie

I think I’ve got this Costco thing figured out

I went back to Costco last night (alone, Candice was working), and left with a cartful of things, none of which I got home and went “What was I thinking?”, so I think it went well. Most of the stuff I bought was stuff we always buy right away when we’ve run out, which I think is a good rule of thumb.

I’m kind of glad I went when it was quiet, because there were a few things I wasn’t prepared for, like the “people on one side, carts on the other” process at the cash, or the fact that they don’t bag what you buy. I should have taken a picture of the trunk of the car filled with loose food. IKEA bags to the rescue!

Our take from our first shopping trip there (since this weekend we just got a membership and looked around):

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pinkie pie

People I am not

Inspired by Dennis Ritchie, here is a list of people who I am not:

  • Rich Lafferty, champion enduro motorcycle racer, who gives me the best run for my money in Google (although I now have the #1 result for “rich lafferty motorcycle” which amuses me)
  • Richard Lafferty, Métis fiddler in the Northwest Territories
  • Richard Lafferty, Montreal investment analyst who compared Jacques Parizeau to Hitler and caused my answering machine to fill up for about a week because I was the only “Rich Lafferty” in the Montreal phone book
  • Richard Lafferty, owner of a truly giant RV
  • Richard Lafferty, former Connecticut lawyer
  • Richard T. Lafferty, past president of the American Institute of Architects
  • Richard Lafferty, bank lawyer, who I list here primarily because his middle initial is “Q”
  • Richard Lafferty, Irish taxi driver, who looks as typically Irish as my father, which is probably the same direction I’m heading in
  • Richard Lafferty, decedent (and Richard Lafferty, his son!)
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