March 6th, 2007

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RSS feed reader comparo

Giant RSS feed iconI’m a pretty heavy RSS user: pretty much everything I read regularly on the Web I read via RSS, some 300 feeds. (I don’t read everything in all of them every day.) I’ve used Bloglines for a long time, and it’s worked pretty well for me: I’m used to its interface, it performs pretty quickly, it’s in the browser, and all sorts of other features I like.

Last night I went to move the LiveJournal friends I read regularly into Bloglines, since I’d found that I had been missing a lot of their posts because I don’t read far enough back on my friends page sometimes. Bloglines supports HTTP auth, but only after importing a couple hundred feeds did I learn that it doesn’t support digest auth fails to authenticate against LiveJournal. Without auth, I can’t see friends-only posts, so that’s no good. A deal-breaker, in fact.

So I set about finding a new feed reader, and am trying four: NewsGator, a Web-based reader like Bloglines; FeedDemon, a standalone Windows application from the NewsGator people; and Sage and Brief, two Firefox extensions. Below the cut you can find my thoughts on those four plus Bloglines.

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