March 13th, 2007

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Application in the mail

My MBA application is on its way to the University of Ottawa now. Yay!

I’m feeling pretty confident about my application. Academics were fine (my undergrad GPA was 3.64), GMAT went great, professional experience should be sufficient. My letter of intent didn’t feel as strong as I’d have liked but I think it’ll do, especially given the vagueness of

A 500-word narrative statement that indicates the applicant’s personal motivation for entering the MBA program, and how the applicant will contribute to the learning environment.

In short: Convince us that you will complete the program, make your fellow students’ time there better, and be a successful alumni we can brag about. Ok! (And thanks for the copy-editing, eyeteeth!)

As for my letters of recommendation, I don’t know what they say, of course, but I’m confident that they’re good, especially the one from my old boss at e-smith.

So now I wait. I hope to hear back by the end of April but there’s no guarantee of that. (Ottawa U doesn’t do rolling admissions, so they have to plow through the whole pile at once, and the deadline is April 1.) Fingers crossed!

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pinkie pie

House of Staples: old phonecam pics

I was cleaning off my old cellphone in order to start using it again (more on that later) and I found a few phonecam pics that I never uploaded. Since I managed to hold on to them for a year or two I figured I’d share them here as well as on flickr.

Crucified Santa wolf tableauSmall AnimalHouse of Staples

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