April 23rd, 2007

pinkie pie

I’m on LibraryThing

I’ve finally got around to putting my books on LibraryThing, the online book cataloguing service. I, too, have a hard time reading “online book cataloguing service” without snickering, but as they go, this one gets things right. I was able to import my Amazon “I own this” list by pasting in Amazon’s HTML, and the tagging and rating interface is all ajaxy and thus fast. Here’s a random chunk of books, because I can (pardon the cut, but I don’t think this included Javascript is going to work on LiveJournal):

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pinkie pie

file file file file file

Taxes completed and netfiled. Awaiting refund, even what with Candice’s self-employediness. Yay! That will make me feel a little better about the pending laptop purchase.

Did you know you can still file Canadian income tax returns over the phone? I can’t imagine. “Please enter the dollar value from line 132 and press pound. Please enter the dollar value from line 133 and press pound. If you are claiming home office expenses, press 1, otherwise press 2.”

Finally, a gem from the Netfile web site, where you upload your completed tax return data file:

I will not attempt to disrupt the NETFILE service by uploading files other than my own eligible tax return. If I do, the CRA will deny me access to electronic services.

Don’t stuff beans up your nose!

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