July 20th, 2008

pinkie pie

Carrie, Jason and Amie, oh my!

A bit late on the post here but oh well: Carrie, her husband Jason and their daughter Amie drove up to Toronto from Chicago last weekend for a visit. It was a fun time — Saturday exploring Kensington Market and more of Toronto, and Sunday at the Toronto Zoo, and then in the evenings the five of us would come back to our apartment, we’d put Amie down in the bedroom, and the four of us would have some adult conversational time together.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the five of us because we’re kind of dumb, but here’s a couple that show everyone from Carrie’s Flickr set of the trip (because I didn’t bring our camera along!):

(Lushes.) The top picture is from Future Bakery, and the bottom from the Victory Cafe. It was a pleasant surprise to me how easy it was to find places to flop on a patio that were kid-friendly, and with the heat and all the walking we did a lot of flopping.

It was a fun weekend on the face of it, but it was also great because this is the first time the five of us have all been together. Candice and I met Carrie for the first time at Trevor and Jenny’s wedding back last September. What happened next is complicated, but Carrie and I learned we had had an old mutual crush on each other, helped each other through some hard times in the month or so after that wedding (Carrie was a big help in my decision to withdraw from the MBA, for instance), and ended up pretty close, and we had been struggling since to try to find the best way to remain a part of each other’s lives in a way that made our families feel safe and respected (and through a lot of change on Candice’s and my part, with me leaving school and us moving to Toronto!).

That hasn’t been easy, but this weekend things clicked. Misunderstandings cleared up; Jason and I finally met and got along well (and we learned we share an awful sense of humour, to the point where we were often racing to make the same bad pun first); Amie took to me so well that Candice and Carrie were calling me her boyfriend; and the whole thing was just comfortable. It felt like family, which was sort of a goal that Carrie and I had talked about months ago but which I sometimes thought was impossible.

What better way to finish off than this:

(And for those keeping track, now you know #23.)

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pinkie pie

Back to LiveJournal, kind of.

A little over a year ago, I set up this blog, Rich Text, on WordPress on my own domain, and since I had a permanent LiveJournal account (thanks, Rah!) that I didn’t want to leave to rot, I set up crossposting. That made sense at the time, because people could read one place or the other, and all the comments went to one place, and so on.

At the time, I never posted friends-only to my LiveJournal, because I was “blogging”, not “journaling”, and because my parents and coworkers weren’t the type to find either, and because I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot personal to say. But these days I’m finding more and more that there’s stuff I’d like to write about to people who are close to me, and not necessarily the whole Internet.

So I’ve turned off crossposting, and both my LJ and blog posts will have comments turned on in each place.

And I want you to keep reading! Here’s how:

If you’re reading this on LiveJournal, please add richtext to your friends list, so you can see both my Rich Text blog posts and my mendel posts. (You might also like richtextcomment which is a feed of comments to Rich Text.)

If you’re reading this from Rich Text or via RSS, you might want to read and/or syndicate my LiveJournal too. But you won’t see my protected posts that way, so you might want to read me on a LiveJournal friends list instead.

(And I’m looking forward to diving back in to LiveJournal-style LiveJournaling, too — I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet on the comments for the last little while, but reading LiveJournal friends via RSS did lose something in translantion, and I’m back to reading on a friends list again for my LJ peepz.)

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