April 10th, 2011

pinkie pie

so much poni

So I have a new obsession and it is PONY. Specifically, it is the new generation of My Little Pony (no, really, read on), "Friendship Is Magic". I was going to write a big intro to it here but you can read Know Your Meme if you haven't heard.

Anyhow this post kept turning into too much text so let's get right to it -- remember when I was humming and hawing about learning to draw? Welp, I guess I just needed ponies.

I sketched Twilight Sparkle:

and I was pretty pleased with how that turned out -- note: not bragging, I am still in the "wait, I can draw?" stage here -- so I made a copy, inked it with a brush pen, scanned that, and colored it in Photoshop:

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