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three days to go!

(Not counting today, of course.) Pretty quiet at work now between tapering off and other people’s vacations. I’m feeling pretty lame-duck. People are taking me out to lunch Thursday and Friday, though, so that’ll make those days go by quicker.

I think I’m going to gather up my stuff Thursday and take it home that night, so all I have to do Friday is bring in my laptop and badge and so on and leave empty-handed. I have surprisingly little stuff here.

I rode my bike to work yesterday! I’d been meaning to do so for a while but had always figured it a bit too far, but then I spent four hours riding on a Sunday a while ago and realized it was nothing. Here’s the route I took there and back. In the morning it was only about 18 Celsius out, so once I hit Carling I just followed it the rest of the way, and got to work with half an hour to spare. On the way home the humidex was 32, so I took it a bit slower and followed a bike path through the Greenbelt instead of taking Carling direct.

The ride in was easy, but the air was so thick on the ride home that I felt pretty tired out. I’d really wanted to do it at least once, though, so I’m glad I fit it in before I was done.

Odd thing: I must have encountered at least half a dozen cyclists wearing helmets that hadn’t been produced for ten or fifteen years. Folks, those aren’t even useful for keeping your beer cold now.

I don’t know how often I’ll ride my bike to school next year though. Yesterday I threw jeans and a polo shirt in my bag and showered when I got to work, but it’s less practical when I have to do the same with business casual clothes, with no office, and only for a 2-3h class instead of an 8h day. And with a bus that goes from my door straight to school, I’d rather arrive dry and cool.

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