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Summing up the first two weeks of school.

This has been a crazy, crazy two weeks, but the first intensive block of school is done, and on Tuesday the first regular semester begins. I’ve already completed two classes (save for a take-home exam and some longer-term assignments).

Management Skills was 18h of class over the first four days covering the soft skills we’d need to survive in our teams for the rest of the year, and in our workplace teams after that; The World of the General Manager and Strategic Management, 18h over the next six days, was a case-study-based introduction to business strategy.

The latter was taught for the first time by the dean of the School of Management, Micheál Kelly, and the director of its Executive MBA program, Terry Kulka, former CEO of iMPath Networks. The director of our (standard) program pleaded with us to be prepared and engaged because a good showing would mean that Micheál and Terry would continue teaching that course for the non-Executive students in future, and I think we succeeded.

It was a very long, blurry two weeks, so I’ll sum up the stuff I should’ve been writing all week in plus-minus form:

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