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I can feel points growing.

One school-related thing that I am finding it really hard to get used to: Top-posting in email.

It is not like the geek world where top-posting is uniformly evil and >-quoting is normal. Top-posting is unremarkable, and in fact in Outlook it is difficult to not top-post when responding to HTML email. I am at least using Outlook-QuoteFix to >-quote when dealing with plain text, and new email I send is in plain text too.

But still.

(HTML email itself is not hard to get used to because I am using Outlook.)

One thing I’ve noticed is that >-quoting lends itself to taking apart someone’s argument point by point or line by line. It turns out that often this isn’t a very productive approach!

It’s also hard to get used to not being surrounded by geeks. One of the things I did in the weeks I had off between work and school was install Skype and plan on buying a headset, because obviously my team at school was going to use Skype for conference calling.

In fact, none of my group regularly use instant messaging, even. It’s remarkable to some classmates that I have a blog.

I’ve been working hard at not becoming “the IT guy” at school, although there are enough people on Vista that I didn’t really have to worry about that. However, I’ve converted three or four people in class to taking notes in OneNote. (It doesn’t hurt that it’s free on MSDNAA.)

I am, strangely enough, becoming “the financial accounting guy”. Unexpected!

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