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RSS feed readers: Flickr, change

So I’ve finally got posting phone photos to Flickr working, and posting phone photos via Flickr to my blog working. That means that I can blog things that I see as they happen, instead of when I remember to get them off my phone! Which is good.

But doing so reminded me that for ages I’ve had things set up so that posts to Flickr show up in the FeedBurner RSS feed for this blog. That… doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when I think about it. Anyone reading this thing over RSS or at LiveJournal is perfectly capable of subscribing to my Flickr and delicious RSS feeds (below) if they’re interested in those too.

So as of right now, my Flickr photos and links won’t show up in the Feedburner RSS feed for this blog.

I hope you still want to see my photos, though! I’ll post blog entries about particularly interesting ones, and some of my phone photo posts will show up here. But if you want to see them all, or if you want to watch my bookmarks, hyar ’tis:

Lemme know if this seems inconvenient or otherwise dumb. I figure it’s no different than having to watch twitter separately.

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