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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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pinkie pie
For those who heard about the layoffs and are wondering: I wasn't laid off. This weekend has been a chance to not think about it for a couple days, though, so I'll save the details for next week sometime.

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I wasn't laid off, either!

Of course, the company I work for is funded by a single angel investor who has been funding the (unsuccessful) company for two years. Fortunately, some of what we do is a pet project of his, but all of us are wondering when Mister Moneybags is going to get tired of the same ol' routine and decide to pull funding.

The company is fine here, but my department very narrowly missed being laid off wholesale. It's no longer big enough for its own Operations department, and I'm moving into IT here, and... I seem to be writing the post that I'm going to write tonight.

The whole story will follow soon; in short, I'm not really in the same job even though I'm doing the same stuff, and the dynamic has changed a lot, but the company as a whole is surviving (and is reasonably big and established), so I'm only a little nervous now.

Ohhh... they got me! They got me!

Ohhhh... they got me! The pain! Oh the pain!

If only there were somewhere I could go. Somewhere ... west ... ;)

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