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Oot and a boot

New Sorels
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I bought boots today! Sorel’s 1964 re-issues. I wanted winter boots that I could tuck jeans into that didn’t look like I was going on an Arctic expedition, and I liked these because they don’t look like modern high-tech winter boots. I figure they’re anti-fashion enough to be hip.

There’s going to be a lot of trudging around snowy and slushy neighbourhoods in the next month and a half, and my only insulated boots are ankle-height — the net effect is that the bottom of my jeans get wet and salty, and with dry denim I’m trying to break in that’s not good, because it’s not like I can just throw them in the washer or even scrub spots to get the salt out.

But now I have my dorky boots.

(I went for a walk earlier just to walk through some slushy corners and unplowed spots. This is basically the winter equivalent of buying rubber boots and going out splashing in puddles. Whee!)

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