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Last night in Ottawa

12 hours from now the movers arrive. 24 hours from now Candice and I live in Toronto. Packing’s done except for stuff that gets packed as we go to bed. The apartment’s cleaned except for vacuuming and mopping the floors, which we can’t do until the movers move all of our stuff.

The movers show up at 9 and I imagine they’ll be out of here by noon. By 3pm or so we’ll have drugged the cats and we’ll be heading down the 416 to the 401 and on to the Big Smoke. By this time tomorrow we’ll have unpacked the stuff that’s coming in the car and be having our first dinner at home in Toronto together.

I’m really excited about Toronto and I think we’re going to find it a better fit than Ottawa, but it’s still a weird feeling to leave.

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