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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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ottawa indie vibe
I was down at the record_runner to pick up the special edition of Sahara Hotnights' Jenny Bomb (on zebulon_y's well-considered recommendation), and at the counter picked up "Ottawa.Indie.Vibe", a free CD put together by the Rideau business district association. I had picked up a couple more CDs, so the free one sat around unwrapped for a few days, but I've just popped it in, and whee! it's great. I really need to learn more about the local music scene. I wish the CD were a little more band-heavy and a little less about individual musicians, but there is still kicking in progress here.

If you're around here, grab a copy for free at Record Runner.

Contents, for the record: Charley Beck, Steve Gardiner, Breanne Lawrenson, Graham Young, Pat Moore, Lori Jean, Dianisis, Amanda Rheaume, Susan O, Mitch Gauzas, Kristin McCaig, Marlene Macdonald, Gordon Gartrell, Rude Boy, Forbidden Dream.

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Record Runner has an LJ? WAY COOL!

/bounce /bounce /dance

Somewhat confusingly, it has two:

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