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Dreamhost: a comedy of errors

You may have noticed that this place was hard to get to for the last week or so.

I’ve hosted this blog and a bunch of other websites on Dreamhost since 2004, and I’ve referred enough people to them that my hosting there has been free for years. But most of those four years have been spent just below the “I need to do something about this” level of dissatisfaction.

As of this last week, though — which featured a 12h planned outage followed by the rest of the week trying to recover from NFS problems which left sites unresponsive or just plain missing — I’ve had enough, and I’ve bought a virtual private server at Linode instead. I’ll post more about Linode later on, but last night Dreamhost resolved their NFS issues and I had a brief moment of reconsideration. After all, it’s free

So I brought up my support history and read through it, and once again I’ve convinced myself it’s time to move critical services away from there. But the more I read it, the more I realized I should share the highlights of my experience. Like last time with IStop, my awful Ottawa ISP, I’m left wondering why I stuck around so long!

The details are after the cut.

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