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Model Citizen

Candice and I reacted to the TTC strike this weekend by going for a “little walk down College” that ended up at Kensington Market, where I found a little shop called Model Citizen. Owner Julian Finkel sells hand-screenprinted T-shirts as well as screenprinted and appliqued waistcoasts, sportcoats, ties, and hats for men, and a few lines for women from other Toronto and Montreal designers. It’s a great little shop and Julian was great to talk to and I left with this shirt!

Model Citizen t-shirt

(Not the greatest picture but it’ll have to do.) The pink parts are bleached, and then the black is screenprinted over. I likes it. I’m kind of picky about t-shirts; Threadless isn’t really my thing, Urban Outfitters rips off too many independents, and after that I don’t really know where to look other than Etsy (which has some awesome shirts, but can be a bit inconvenient). Julian’s are a little pricy at around $40, but by the time you get a $25-30 shirt on etsy and ship it to Canada…

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