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cello cello cello

Yesterday: good!

nyxie and I got some errands done, including taking my Blundstones to be resoled (the first sole lasted seven years, no way I'm just getting new boots!), picking up a new pair of jeans for me to hold me over until I pick up a pair of Nudies or APCs in the fall, because my current raw pair is getting a little too worn in to wear someplace nice.

And we stopped by l'Atelier Grigorian, one of Toronto's best classical music CD stores. It was nice to find, since the CD stores I'd been in so far had had pretty miserable classical selections. For instance, I'd been trying to find one of a few particular recordings of the Bach cello suites, and I was lucky if the usual shops I'd go to would have one; this place had a whole divider for just Bach cello suite recordings.

(For those not familiar: There's a lot of variation in how classical works, especially solo works, are performed -- for instance, compare Yo-Yo Ma, Rostropovich, and Starker playing the prelude to the first suite. They're all good recordings, but to me, Ma is playing way too emotionally for Bach, and Rostropovich is in a bit of a hurry. The Starker is what I ended up with.)

Anyhow, the reason I picked that up (and also the Rostropovich/Karajan Dvorák cello concerto) is that I want to start playing classical music again. My double bass has sat practically unplayed since I changed from Music to Sociology, and while half of that is that I was burned out on it for a while, the other half is that it's really not much of a solo instrument.

So I think I'm going to rent a cello. There's a few rental places around here that look to be $30-$60/mo for a 4/4 cello. (I just realized that I don't know if that includes a bow, though!), and then I'd have to find lessons.

I haven't played the flute much lately. Not too much Irish music in Toronto in the first place, alas. But the flute was always sort of a fun extra thing; there's a voice in the back of my head telling me that I gave up too soon on the bass, and the cello might be a good way to quiet it.
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