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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Ah, Quebec.
pinkie pie
From Vice:

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No pizzaghetti?

Hmph. Walk by.

Oh, way to go, curse me to walk the streets of Toronto trying to satisfy a pizzaghetti craving. :-(

You know what happened to sailors who craved mermaids?

Chimeras are abominations, and not good.

Ah, franglais! Remember when you used to put up "Dry Paint" signs everywhere?

That sign is made of WIN and is bringing back a lot of amusing memories :)


Awesome metal band name. *horns*

That would go nicely on some of these

no thanks, I'll take my hamburger cold O_o

Cultural translation

In context, that sign is unremarquable.

Ass is short for assiette, a plate or platter. Meaning it somes with fries, salad, slaw and/or a pickle.

Hot Chicken is a chicken sandwich with hot gravy poured over it. Most likely wth canned green peas, slaw and/or fries. Hot Hamburger is similar, only with a hamburger sandwich.

Mendel, you know the above. Just stating for those that don't.

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