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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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New bag for me!
pinkie pie
I finally had to retire my old canvas bag which I picked up back in 2004. After a bunch of looking around, Ask Metafilter suggested a Tom Bihn cafe bag, which turned out to be about perfect. I got the medium, linked back there, but you can really see the details (and the color I got) in these pictures of the small size.

I figured that was as good an excuse as any to do a "What's In Your Bag" post. You can click the photo to see the annotations on Flickr, or see the list below the cut to see what's in there:

What's In My (new Tom Bihn) Bag

  • Magazine and/or book: Right now, this month's Good and Jane Jacobs' The Death and Life of Great American Cities, which is systematically describing to me everything I'm finding in Toronto which I wasn't finding in Ottawa
  • My stainless-steel Onebottle from Grassroots
  • My big plasticy orange Fossil sunglasses
  • A couple moleskines (one of which is full of letters from coffeechica, hee <3)
  • House keys with turtle light, and caar keys
  • iPod nano and Sennheiser PX100 headphones
  • Orange nylon folding grocery bag
  • Business card holder with mine and nyxie's cards in it
  • Orange Jimi wallet (I like orange)
  • Binder clip full of the cards that don't fit in the Jimi
  • Rollerball pen
  • Camera, or there would be if I didn't have it in my hand
  • My phone, a boring old prepaid Razr
  • Gum for emergencies
  • Umbrella

Alright, meme time, what's in your bag?

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Well YOU know what's in my bag, but for everyone else: I have two bags I carry, depending on the day and where I'm going. One is this one, which I carry when I'm not working. It usually contains:

- Black roots wallet
- House keys with turtle light (pink)
- Caar keys
- Small book map of Toronto, for those times I'm in a new neighbourhood and get lost
- Small red and pink change purse with TTC tokens in it
- cellphone
- Rainbow card holder with my business cards
- Hand sanitizer
- MAC lipgloss (pinkish)
- Philosophy lipgloss (sugar cookie)
- tampons and pantiliners
- various receipts and transit transfers I haven't thrown away yet

The other is this laptop bag, which I use when going to/from work, since my laptop comes with me. In that I have...

- Wallet
- Keys
- Cellphone
- change purse with TTC tokens
- White Macbook
- My client schedule book
- various bits of paperwork
- lip balm
- a fruit bar or granola bar
- pens and pencils
- tampons, pantiliners

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