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Fournier, transform!

Well, I feel silly.

In anticipation of this whole cello-renting thing (which is going quite well, by the way), I picked up a couple recordings a few weeks back: Starker's Bach cello suites, and Rostropovich's Dvorak cello concerto with Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic.

Well, a few days ago I realized that I already had a good Bach suites recording that I'd somehow managed to not see when I looked: Pierre Fournier's classic Deutsch Gramophon release. Well, ok, now I've got two different interpretations, that's fine, although that Starker wasn't cheap.

And then today I wanted to listen to a recording of Max Bruch's "Kol Nidrei" I knew I had around, and I pulled it off the shelf, and... it shares a CD with the Dvorak cello concerto, performed by...


With the Berlin Philharmonic.

(At least it's not Karajan again.)
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