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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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like chasing the horizon
This came up on my "inspiring quotes" cgi-script I use as my browser's default startup page thingy. Clearly I liked it enough to put it in the list of quotes that rotate there but I don't remember doing it so it read as new to me, and I thought I'd share it:

Compared to the immense capacity for spiritual awareness latent in the human being, the great majority of us can almost be said to be living in our sleep -- dreaming that if only we could have a million dollars, win the Nobel Prize, get our portrait on the cover of Time, or marry the screen star of the day, we would be happy. This is like chasing the horizon, because happiness does not lie outside us. It can only be found within -- a most elusive realm which the modern world, with its overwhelming emphasis on sensory experience, has effectively hidden from our view.

In every age, East and West, daring men and women have made this stupendous discovery and told us how we can follow them. At first the challenge may not make sense, but when we think it over, we recall how many times we managed to get what we wanted and found that fulfillment had somehow slipped through our fingers. Gradually, a little voice inside us whispers, "Do you suppose . . . ? Perhaps what I am looking for really does lie within -- in my own heart."

Once this suspicion arises, your spiritual journey has begun. You have your ticket; now all you need do is board the train. That is what meditation is for.
From Eknath Easwaran via the always wonderful Meditation Matters.