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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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What should I do with my username?
thinking, perplexed

Back when I created my LJ, I chose mendel as a username because mendel was deleted-and-purged. I didn't realize at the time that I could rename to a deleted-and-purged username, and now it's sitting there tempting me to do so now.

Background: I've used "mendel" on IRC for about eight years now. I started using "wlonkly" as my alternate nickname on IRC after Mark-Jason Dominus was talking about "wlonk" on IRC one night, but it's rare that I use it for any long period of time. It's also my AIM/YIM/MSN username, but that's because it was available on all of them.

So in short, the advantage of mendel is that it's what I use on IRC, and the advantage of mendel is that it's a lot more unique than "mendel" is and it's what I'm already known as here on LJ, both in my own journal and in the support area.


Poll #136635 What should I do about "mendel"?

Do I strike you more as a 'wlonkly' or a 'mendel'?


What should I do about the sort-of-available "mendel" account?

Rename "wlonkly" to "mendel", and be "mendel" forthwith
Register a free account, rename it to "mendel", and have a post or a redirect taking people to "wlonkly"
Nothing at all

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Your id here is irrelevant --- once on my friends list I don't care what your name is. You are your posts and your icons far more than you are your lj id. Don't bother with the hassle.

The Wayback Machine has a snapshots of the former mendel's journal and former user info.

Doesn't seem like that guy hung on to the journal for long so if you grab it, the chances of mistaken identity are low. Except that jeek seems to have known this other mendel, or maybe friended him by accident.

Have you considered going by 'wlonkly' everywhere? You'd never have this problem again.

I don't know, I guess I just like mendel as a nickname better than wlonkly. Both are fine, though, so... yeah, this was a useless comment.

Oh, and I added you to my friends list, just so yaknow. Woot.

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