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What should I do with my username?

Back when I created my LJ, I chose mendel as a username because mendel was deleted-and-purged. I didn't realize at the time that I could rename to a deleted-and-purged username, and now it's sitting there tempting me to do so now.

Background: I've used "mendel" on IRC for about eight years now. I started using "wlonkly" as my alternate nickname on IRC after Mark-Jason Dominus was talking about "wlonk" on IRC one night, but it's rare that I use it for any long period of time. It's also my AIM/YIM/MSN username, but that's because it was available on all of them.

So in short, the advantage of mendel is that it's what I use on IRC, and the advantage of mendel is that it's a lot more unique than "mendel" is and it's what I'm already known as here on LJ, both in my own journal and in the support area.


Poll #136635 What should I do about "mendel"?

Do I strike you more as a 'wlonkly' or a 'mendel'?


What should I do about the sort-of-available "mendel" account?

Rename "wlonkly" to "mendel", and be "mendel" forthwith
Register a free account, rename it to "mendel", and have a post or a redirect taking people to "wlonkly"
Nothing at all

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