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paradoxes of musicianship

A neat post from the Cello Chat forum thread about goals for 2009, which I'm capturing here as much for me as for anything:

One thing I find fascinating about learning cello, and did not at all expect, is the paradoxes. Now that I've met some of them, my hope for 2009 is that I allow myself to appreciate and revel in them.


To stop trying harder; instead, to just try easier.

To play fast calmly; to play loud gently; to play slow swiftly; to play soft intensely; to play easy things with attentive, loving care; to play hard things undeservedly carefree.

Instead of frustration, to allow myself unwarranted pleasure and joy in visiting and re-visiting my weak areas, with unworried faith that it'll come together, whenever I eventually allow it.

To hear the musical forests, instead of trees of notes.

To feel more, listen more, absorb more, hear more, sing more, dream more, express more, enjoy more. Worry, doubt, fear, control, and struggle (and ok, write!) less.
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