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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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We have mice in the apartment.

I found the hole where they're coming up from the (unoccupied) basement into our kitchen coat closet, and cleaned up a whole bunch of mouse poop in there, but I figure they'll be back.

I went to Home Depot and got a live trap (employee: "If you're having trouble deciding, I recommend the Predator spring traps." "No, I'm looking for a live trap." "A live trap?" "I'm not much of a predator.")

The trap I got curiously promises to catch "up to 4 mice" (the fifth one lines up outside, and so on), so in the morning hopefully the smell of organic, no-preservatives peanut butter will have worked well enough to catch, say, one.

And then I will figure out what to do with my live-trapped mouse.

(nyxie says I can't keep them as pets.)

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Plus, then you have them around the house.

We have field mice that seem to nest in a wall in our house - I can catch them in the basement with those Havahart live traps. We take them across the highway to a county park and release them there, hoping they don't come all the way back to our house. :-)

I'm glad I read this, because I was starting to feel like I was the only person in the province who didn't want the cruelest, goriest mouse trap imaginable. :P

(I wasn't allowed to keep ours as a pet, either. Blah blah vermin blah blah DRIPPING WITH PURE DISEASE!!! blah blah blah.)

By the by, we stuffed their entrance hole with steel wool (as they can't chew through it) and they never returned.

Wow, did the cat sneak in through the same route too? ;-)

Yep, the one I saw basically looks like that.

I had a chat with Rasha about his species and how they are supposed to hunt mice. He wasn't having anything of it.

did you plug the hole up? (did i miss where you said that?!)

i used to catch mice at my old job (and spray perfume on the glue traps the boss had set out) and when the trap was full i'd drive them over to the preserve/park next door. someone told me i was probably signing their death warrant for moving them so far from their nest AND putting them where hawks are abundant.

you try to do the right thing and you never know how it turns out.

good luck! and thanks for trapping live. :)

I didn't plug the hole up then because I wanted the mice to reach our traps. The landlord's traps in the basement don't seem to be doing much.

But I picked up some steel wool to plug up the hole today, since I think "keep mice out of our apartment" is going to take priority over "get mice out of house".

(And for me, a hawk getting a mouse I move is better than me killing it directly.)

i totally agree about having the mice take their chances with nature!

do you still have cats? when cosmos and i moved into our apartment ten years ago we had no furniture and three cats. the first night we were here a mouse wandered across the living room. NONE of our cats could catch the poor little guy (they tried for days) and he didn't even have anything to hide under/behind.

i've seen field mouse on our patio and i'm sure they can make their way into our rickety old building but i figure the scent of kitties is a powerful deterrent.

We still have a cat, but he's not much of a mouser. He's 13, and he's declawed in front (from his previous owners, I wouldn't do it!), and the mouse doesn't seem afraid of him at all -- it was out in daylight today running right past the litterbox!

The holes are firmly steel-wooled, though, and I think I might take the basement into my own hands and put a live trap right by their nest. I'd still like to meet the little guy.

(I understand why the landlords used poison, but they used it so poorly that we get all of the risk with none of the accompanying absence of mice!)

hahaha mice are pretty fearless and housecats are pretty NOT predatory!

i hope you've taken the basement into your own compassionate hands. :D

btw, mice as pets: i had three in college. well, one day i had three and after that i had scads of them before i figured out i needed to separate them! it was a shocking learning experience in more ways than one.

If you catch mice with an aim to release them, you need to release them more than a couple of miles from your place, otherwise they'll find their way back again.

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