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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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We have mice in the apartment.

I found the hole where they're coming up from the (unoccupied) basement into our kitchen coat closet, and cleaned up a whole bunch of mouse poop in there, but I figure they'll be back.

I went to Home Depot and got a live trap (employee: "If you're having trouble deciding, I recommend the Predator spring traps." "No, I'm looking for a live trap." "A live trap?" "I'm not much of a predator.")

The trap I got curiously promises to catch "up to 4 mice" (the fifth one lines up outside, and so on), so in the morning hopefully the smell of organic, no-preservatives peanut butter will have worked well enough to catch, say, one.

And then I will figure out what to do with my live-trapped mouse.

(nyxie says I can't keep them as pets.)

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We still have a cat, but he's not much of a mouser. He's 13, and he's declawed in front (from his previous owners, I wouldn't do it!), and the mouse doesn't seem afraid of him at all -- it was out in daylight today running right past the litterbox!

The holes are firmly steel-wooled, though, and I think I might take the basement into my own hands and put a live trap right by their nest. I'd still like to meet the little guy.

(I understand why the landlords used poison, but they used it so poorly that we get all of the risk with none of the accompanying absence of mice!)

hahaha mice are pretty fearless and housecats are pretty NOT predatory!

i hope you've taken the basement into your own compassionate hands. :D

btw, mice as pets: i had three in college. well, one day i had three and after that i had scads of them before i figured out i needed to separate them! it was a shocking learning experience in more ways than one.

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