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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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busy weekend
pinkie pie
Hello, LJ! This was a busy weekend, so let's do a pluses-and-minuses.


- -30C windchill is not good for cellos.
+ Found a bus/subway/bus route that was warm enough that the cello was in tune when I got to my lesson but only took ten minutes longer than walking.
+ Extra-long lesson spent mostly on phrasing and interpretation of the first two movements of the first Bach suite. I feel like a real musician on the cello now!
+ Went to Saving Gigi for the first time. Good sandwiches, great coffee, and had a nice chat with the owner about the neighbourhood.
+ Took a nice long stroll along College St, checking out shops, and bought a new shower curtain.
+ Went to Soundscapes to pick up new Franz Ferdinand album.
- The album hadn't been released yet (it was released today).
+ They sold it to me anyway, and I bought a Buddha Machine there too.
- Went to buy Neko Case tickets but they only had them for the date we didn't want.
- Lost a $180 Google Adsense cheque somewhere along windy College St. Retraced my path back home, to Saving Gigi, and all along College to Bathurst to no avail.
+ Found out that Google will re-issue lost cheques.
+ nyxie bought some shoes at Trove for 60% off.
+ Ended up at the Victory Cafe for a giant plate of nachos and tasty cask ale.


- Woke up to a 14 C apartment, brr! Called the landlords and they were having thermostat issues.
+ The landlords found a leaking pipe while investigating the furnace.
- So they turned off the water for the morning.
+ The furnace works again and the water was back on for the rest of the day.
- Found that my Buddha Machine was acting flaky, so took it back.
+ They exchanged it no problem.
+ On our way to the Raptors game, Had a Bridgehead-quality date square and tasty coffee at Wanda's Pie in the Sky in Kensington.
+ While wandering around killing time before the game, I stopped in Get Outside and found that they sell the cheap rubber boots I want, which I haven't even been able to find at places like Canadian Tire or Mark's Work Wearhouse.
+ Got a free bottle of Frank's hot sauce just outside Air Canada Centre.
- Had the (glass) bottle confiscated twenty feet later at the door.
+ Got to confuse the guy at the door by surrendering a full, sealed bottle of hot sauce, and saying "You're going to get a lot of hot sauce today". In retrospect I hope he thinks I cursed him.
+ Raptors 113, Kings 97. We had a great time at the game.
+ Got another free bottle of hot sauce on the way out. mendel 1, ACC security 0!
+ Burgers, curly fries, and St. Peters Winter Ale for dinner.
- The second Buddha Machine was flaking out already!
+ Tried fresh batteries and it was fine, which means the first one was probably fine TOO. Woops.
+ Bought Neko Case tickets for the date we wanted online, and got tickets for the Von Bondies too.
+ Hot chocolate before bed.

Yay weekend!

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, I cheated slightly there: The boots I found are Kamik, but I couldn't find a picture of Kamik ones. But they're "grade school rubber boots" style like those. Until now I couldn't find "grade school rubber boots" style ANYWHERE, I think the workwear stores get them in solid black and green and so on becahse the construction workers etc. don't want red-soled grade school rubber boots.

BUT I DO! and thankfully Get Outside (which is mostly a sneaker store) doesn't do a silly fashion-store markup thing on them.

I love that icon.f

Ah, it must be time for a new Neko Case album !

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