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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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Stupid AbeBooks tricks
So I went to buy an old cookbook on AbeBooks earlier today. Found it from a Canadian seller for $3 and $7 shipping. Sounds good to me, I go through the forms, and I accidentally fat-finger my credit card's expiry date.

So the card is declined, which is fine, I'll re-enter it! But the book I ordered doesn't go back into inventory right away. And now, hours later, it's still not in inventory. I kind of wonder if maybe they wait for the seller to put it back in inventory!

Now, in this case, that doesn't cause any problems; no-one else in Canada has the book for that cheap so I'll just wait. But if I was buying a book that was in good supply, I wouldn't wait -- I'd just buy it from the next seller in the list. So the net effect of their inventory management is that a card declined for technical reasons leads to a lost sale for the bookseller the buyer happened to choose, even though the buyer still gets the book.

I don't see why they'd just give a second chance at entering credit card info for the same book.