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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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I baked bread
happy stomach, food
Yay me, I baked bread from scratch!

I baked a bread.

I'm not sure exactly why, but I always considered baking bread from scratch to be beyond my kitchen abilities. (I'm more of a cook than a baker, and I'm more of a prep cook than a chef, anyhow.) But on some blog recently I learned about a classic whole-grain baking cookbook, Uprisings, published in the 80s by the Cooperative Whole Grain Educational Association, a collective of worker-owned co-op bakeries. I bought a copy from AbeBooks from BetterWorld Books for $2.40 and it got here late last week.

What a great cookbook! It's hand-lettered and illustrated, like Mollie Katzen's Moosewood cookbooks, each section from a different bakery and in different handwriting and layout style, and it's full of relatively straightforward whole-grain baking recipes.

The "Daily Bread" recipe from the (sadly closed) On The Rise Bakery in Syracuse, NY sounded promising so we got out the mixer and gave it a shot, and it turned out awesome -- it's just good everyday whole-wheat bread. (The secret, aside from having the right recipe, is using hard whole wheat flour instead of soft flour. This is probably obvious but it was not so to me.)

One more thing on my (long-outdated and abandoned) 101-in-1001 list done, too, as well as a big psychological barrier.


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They look wonderful! Yay for finding a good baking book.

Baking tends to be more of a science while cooking tends to be more of an "art" so to speak.

I also think that the kneading & rising & punching down aspects of bread tend to intimidate people.

YUM! I've been meaning to make this:


for the longest time. There's really no reason why you can't make your own damn bread instead of buying store bought stuff.

There's nothing better than eating homemade bread, especially bread made by your own hands. Bread machines don't count.

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