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New FreshBooks office

I took some pictures of FreshBooks' new office! Clicky to see the whole set on flickr.

The cabling and phone system install last week, and the move on Saturday went great. There was a bit of trouble getting our fax line and DSL provisioned but the voice T1 went without a hitch, and everything was ready by Saturday afternoon. Monday people just showed up and started working, which is about as good an outcome as I could've hoped for.

It's so nice to have a proper network and phone system! The old office had a web of desktop switches and an old Norstar 8x24 with five analog lines, which didn't even have enough extensions for all the staff. Now I've got things cabled professionally, patchbays and everything; a managed gigabit switch; a new Avaya IP Office phone switch with 15 PRI trunks; and a room with a workbench and storage space to house it all.

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