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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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New apartment!
pinkie pie
nyxie and I are moving soon!

that sign says "annex"!

We've felt a little cramped in our current digs for a while now, being as they're a 450 sq foot one-bedroom apartment and all. Especially with me playing the cello. So we've been looking around without urgency for that perfect place.. and found it.

This week we signed a lease on the apartment in the top floor of this Victorian house in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood:

our new apartment building

It's on Howland just north of St Alban's Park, just east of Sibelius Park, pretty much dead centre between Bathurst and Spadina and between Bloor and Dupont. Here's a map of the old and new apartments and bits of the new neighbourhood.

The apartment itself is a 1br plus den. It's the top floor of the house divided roughly into thirds: the front third is the living room and dining room; the middle has the entrance, a U-shaped kitchen with a bar that opens onto the living room, and the bathroom; and the back is itself divided about 2:1, where the big room is the bedroom and the small room is a den. There's a door from the den that leads out to a big tree-shaded deck, storage in the basement, and skylights in the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen has a dishwasher, and the building has gas steam heat and generator power backup. The landlords are a couple, nice and professional, and live just down the street.

I'm so excited -- we spend much of our free time in the Annex anyhow -- or down on College or in Kensington, both a short walk or streetcar ride away -- and it'll be so nice to be right in the middle of all the places we love. And we're just a few blocks north of llamech and May!

nyxie and I have been giggling at each other all week. Yay apartment!

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what a great spot!

i'm in the highrise at the corner of spadina road and bernard. i often pass your new place on my way to or from cafe corner (depending on which route i feel like taking).

congrats! moving sux but moving into a new place that you love is such a great feeling. we're on the lookout too, as i mentioned, but desperate landlords here are still clinging to ridiculous prices in the hopes of getting someone to pay their mortgage and still skim a profit off the top. i think rents will drop yet, but being patient sucks. love those old victorians though - it looks great!

Way to go, guys. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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