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pinkie pie


Rich Lafferty's Journal

(mendelicious mendelusions)

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watering the beeves
pinkie pie
HEY MENDEL YOU SHOULD POST ABOUT THINGS YOU FIND INTERESTING and then you can talk about them with your internet friends here!!!!

Alright so Good Magazine (which I love, and whose .is domain I cannot explain, but at least it's not .ly) posted a neat infographic about water usage.

Kottke pointed out that meat sure uses up the water. Wow! There's a popular veggie talking point about how inefficient meat is in turning plants into food, but the water side was part that I haven't seen before. Even though I'm veggie primarily for compassionate reasons, this stuff reaffirms that I'm helping more than just individual beings.

Hell yeah that's enough for a post. Why don't I post more? Augh.

Also I have a cold which is just draining me completely, which sucks because I now feel competent enough to finally take the longboard to and from the subway on the way to work, but I don't feel up to it. Blargh.

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I've been toying with going veg for a long time now. Maybe I should commit.

It's worth a try! I wouldn't go cold turkey, though, since there's a bit of a learning curve on the cooking side. I know you're a foodie, but habits are habits.

If I could suggest a couple of possibilities:

You can try it part-time: Tuesdays, or Sundays, or whatever, are veggie night. Choose a night that you've got time to shop and cook, work from recipes, etc. (nyxie can point you at 82394893248923 blogs full of great veggie recipe ideas!) If that's working out well, go to 2-3 days/week, etc.

Or you can do what nyxie and I did, and phase things out. Well, she phased things in a little -- she was veggie, and then started eating fish when we got together, and then I phased out red meat for medical reasons (which is probably what got the whole thing started for me, really). Then as she was phasing in chicken, we sort of went "Hey, maybe we're doing this backwards", and I phased out chicken. (And then the fly thing I linked to above happened, and other than down East last fall we haven't eaten meat since!)

I'm not sure how much red meat you eat, but start by cutting that out and introducing some more veggie protein -- beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan. Especially those last two. It's easy to get hung up on tofu as a protein source, but especially as a former meat-nommer I find tempeh and seitan to be better "meaty protein".

La la la long comment is long I think you should give it a shot :-)

Edited at 2009-04-14 03:57 am (UTC)

Teehee! I think I will. See, the reason I've been thinking of it for a long time is because I'm mostly there. I've been at the phasing-out-chicken phase for the better part of, oh, four years? Five years maybe?

I bought a package of 5 chicken breasts when I moved into this apartment on my own at the end of February, and I just ate the last one tonight.

Other than my one chicken breast a week, the only meat I eat, really, is the occasional turkey or BLT sandwich at lunch, and pepperoni on pizza. Oh and I love sushi. I'm not sure if I could give up spicy salmon rolls. Hmm - maybe pescatarian is the way to go for now.

Leaving fish in does make eating out a lot easier, too, especially in Ottawa.

That was our plan, originally: veggie-nommers at home, but fish-nommers if we were out at restaurants. But then we... didn't order fish.

(But that is why we ate fish down East.)

On the other hand, we have no intention of going vegan, but we still enjoy doing the occasional vegan thing, whether it be "Christmas" dinner or just one dessert. Not much different than straddling the fish-nomming/veggie-nomming line, really.

Leaving fish in does make eating out a lot easier, too, especially in Ottawa.

You might want to go easy on the maguro though.

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