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HEY MENDEL YOU SHOULD POST ABOUT THINGS YOU FIND INTERESTING and then you can talk about them with your internet friends here!!!!

Alright so Good Magazine (which I love, and whose .is domain I cannot explain, but at least it's not .ly) posted a neat infographic about water usage.

Kottke pointed out that meat sure uses up the water. Wow! There's a popular veggie talking point about how inefficient meat is in turning plants into food, but the water side was part that I haven't seen before. Even though I'm veggie primarily for compassionate reasons, this stuff reaffirms that I'm helping more than just individual beings.

Hell yeah that's enough for a post. Why don't I post more? Augh.

Also I have a cold which is just draining me completely, which sucks because I now feel competent enough to finally take the longboard to and from the subway on the way to work, but I don't feel up to it. Blargh.
Tags: cow watering, goodmagazine, green, vegetarianism, veggie, water, water consumption

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